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Solutions for Associations

Firmseek has created a suite of technology products specifically targeted to help associations provide better service and benefits to their members. Let Firmseek help your association create a sense of community. Firmseek has worked with some of the country's largest and most prestigious associations and understands their unique needs. 

A focus on your members and the public

Create an extension of your marketing and communication efforts through a custom, database-driven web site by Firmseek. Firmseek provides web site consulting services with each web site we develop. We will help analyze your target audience: current members, prospective members, the public, and perhaps even the government and the press. Our goal in creating your site will be to help the association meet its communication objectives through a visually-compelling, informative approach on the web.

A focus on relaying up-to-the minute information

If your association is like most, it needs to keep members and others informed of recent developments and other relevant news. And the best place to make this information easily accessible is your web site. Firmseek makes this process a snap with the Firmseek Site Pilot. Edit and update web site content quickly, painlessly, and efficiently. The Site Pilot is web-based and designed specifically for non-technical staff, so an association saves time, money, and valuable member resources while keeping web site information updated and fresh. Members can be confident that the information on the association's web site is current.

A focus on email discussion forums

Email has become a powerful tool for associations, allowing the association to share updates with members and members to share questions and information with each other. The Firmseek List Pilot facilitates the email discussion process,

The List Pilot mailing list system has features that allow you to have an unlimited number of subscribers, automate subscribe and unsubscribe functions, customize welcome messages, and upload existing email lists. Associations can have one-way lists, where only the association can post messages, or two-way lists, where members can also post messages and participate in an interactive forum.

A focus on creating and distributing newsletters

For all associations, it's essential to keep your members informed about the issues and events important to their interests and let them know what the association is doing for them. Firmseek can design a custom newsletter template for your association and automate the layout, content production and distribution process. When tied with with Firmseek List Pilot, your newsletter can be created and distributed within a matter of minutes!

A focus on document and information exchange among association members

With Firmseek Workrooms, your association can offer a secure, password-protected area on your site where paid members can access member-only information such as documents, event information, calendars, exclusive discussion forums, membership lists, and other valuable information.

A focus on creating professional, affordable print materials

Save your association time and money by reusing customized print materials. The Print Pilot can draw content directly from your web site. Rather than reentering information when you want new printed marketing materials, your association can download updated information from your web site database directly into your print materials with a few mouse clicks. The output is a professional, print-quality PDF that can be sent directly to a print shop for high-end brochures or announcements.

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