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Print Automation

Automate traditional marketing tasks with the Print Pilot

Are your professional print design and editing costs eating away at your marketing budget? How quickly do your print materials become outdated? Have you ever wanted to regenerate professional print materials for different purposes? Automate the process of creating professional print materials with the Firmseek Print Pilot. The Print Pilot software pulls information directly from information you enter into a web-based database, incorporates that information into custom design templates (that either we design or you provide) and generates professional-quality PDFs which you can print onto regular or custom paper or email directly to potential clients. The end result is that your printed materials are dynamic -- changes made to your database or web site content are immediately reflected in the print materials. Notably, if you wish to have a single point of data entry, the Print Pilot can pull information for your print materials directly from your pre-existing web site or from the Firmseek Site Pilot.

The Print Pilot produces professional print quality PDFs and not simply Word documents or printable HTML pages. Just as professional designers would not use Word or HTML for professional print documents because of limitations with graphics, embedded fonts, layout and design specifications, the Print Pilot eschews these rudimentary tools, producing instead professional-quality materials that will always look polished.

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