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Build a dynamic web site that can grow with your organization

At Firmseek, we know that every successful organization needs a powerful and distinctive web site, but that's only the first step. You need a site that you can control, update and easily manage. You need a site that engages people. And most importantly, you need to attract the right types of visitors to your site. We help you do that. Because at Firmseek, we know that a web site shouldn't just be a brochure. It should be your most powerful communication tool.

Compelling design and user-friendly layout

We apply web site usability principles when determining the site map, navigation, and layout for your site. Once the basic elements are in place, we work with you to produce a compelling design that will reflect your organization's unique positioning. We promise that your site won't have a "cookie-cutter" feel that plagues many of the sites you'll see on the Internet.

Interactive web site tools

Building a web site is one thing, engaging the visitors to your site is another. When people come to your site, you have an extremely valuable opportunity that you shouldn't waste. You can gain important information. You can form new relationships. And you can analyze and track trends that can help your organization provide better service.

We incorporate interactive features into web sites to help you capture this valuable data and capitalize on these opportunities. We do everything from cross-referencing content across different sections of the site to integrating professional print output, databases, newsletter creation, and email list management features into your web site. Read about some of the industry-specific solutions we've developed to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Pain-free updates

Firmseek creates database-driven web sites that you can control, modify, and easily manage. The Site Pilot is an optional, simple-to-use tool that makes it possible to update your site without delays and change fees. From the convenience of your desktop computer, you will be able to manage descriptions of your organization, services, staff bios, news items, press releases, and more. And you don't need a technical degree to learn how.


When investing in a web site, you can't afford to put the site at risk with a hosting solution that is slow, unreliable, compromises security or is vulnerable to hacker attacks. Firmseek's web site hosting solution provides one of the most secure, reliable, and flexible environments available today. Security and maintenance receive individual attention from system administrators, resulting in fast, proactive response to problems.

Search engine optimization

When you're investing in a web site, you want to make sure it attracts the audience you want to reach. How do you do that? Firmseek provides consultation services to help you maximize your site's exposure. We help you assess which points on the web are likely to lead appropriate clients to your site. We analyze search engines and directories to determine how to make sure your firm is not overlooked.

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