Content Management

Manage content for your database-driven site with the Firmseek Site Pilot

To make your web site the best marketing tool possible, it needs compelling, up-to-date content. Yet one of the most common complaints that you will hear about web sites is that technology people need to get involved even when simple content changes are needed. Making changes and updates to content shouldn't add unnecessary cost or time. With the Site Pilot, we make it possible for your organization to make modifications quickly and easily.

  • Fresh Content: Keep the content fresh and dynamic without worrying about getting technologists involved every time you want to make a change.

  • Easy Changes: Make changes to information a single time and have those changes appear throughout the site.

  • Automatic Formatting: The web server intelligently combines pre-designed templates with information in the Site Pilot database, ensuring that database content is automatically formatted to the site's custom specifications.

  • Graphics Friendly: The Site Pilot's Photo Pilot allows you to upload photos and graphics to your site and automatically sizes them to fit your site's design specifications. You just click your mouse a few times - no more need to worry about tampering with the design or layout of your site.

  • Unlimited Applications: The Site Pilot has numerous add-on applications such as the Print Pilot which generates professional-quality, real-time print materials in PDF format pulling content from your web site database. With the Print Pilot, you can use your web site to simplify the process of creating professional-looking and up-to-date proposals and print materials. Other Site Pilot applications include the Contact Pilot (for creating automated RSVP and recruiting forms) and the Newsletter Pilot for creating HTML newsletters that you can email.

  • Powerful Control: Authorize multiple people to submit and approve changes to your site. Give different people authority to make changes only to select sections of the site. Or give multiple people the ability to submit draft changes throughout the site, but only authorize a single person to make final approval of all changes.

  • Administrative Simplicity: Track project tasks and access key graphics files and other documents associated with your web site with the Site Pilot's Admin Pilot.

  • Maximum Efficiency: If you opt to have a mailing list server connected to your site, you can automatically post newsletters and articles to the list server at the same time that you post them on your site.

  • Real Intelligence: Recognize visitor preferences. For example, if you offer multiple language options on your site, your site will recognize returning visitors and automatically present the site in the preferred language.

  • Self-maintaining: Have your site automatically checked for embarrassing dead links. For a web site that links to other sites, this is a particularly important feature, where regularly checking for dead links can be an overwhelming and burdensome job.

  • Expandable and Flexible: Depending on the structure, your database-driven web site can also serve as a central backbone and entry point for your firm's intranet and/or extranet.

The Firmseek Site Pilot is the tool for managing all these activities and much more. A lot of companies may say that they can make your site's content editable, but it's unlikely that they offer the scalability, breadth and depth of features you'll find with the Site Pilot. Use the power of Firmseek's technology to rise above the crowd.