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Generating proposals is one of the most important functions of your firm's marketing and business development teams. The visual presentation of the proposal must reflect the firm's branding, and the information must be relevant, on-point, and error free. In addition to these requirements the time available to produce a winning proposal is often limited. A great proposal loses impact if it is not delivered in a timely manner. SitePilot's Proposal generator addresses all of these issues by eliminating unnecessary delays.

Visual Impact

The visual impact of your proposal can communicate as much about your firm as the information inside. With the Proposal Generator, you can ensure that all of your proposals are presented on professionally designed templates, produced specifically for your firm.

Accurate, Relevant Information

Because the proposal generator has access to up-to-the-minute biographical information, news, and contact information for all of your attorneys, you can rest assured that your proposal contains information that is accurate and error free. Including the most current version of an attorney's profile is as easy as selecting it from a list of available attorneys. All included profiles, practice area descriptions, or other content, are automatically formatted and applied to your firm's design templates.

Fully Customizable

The Proposal Generator allows you to tie your selected data points together with client specific, targeted information that you provide. Each proposal is unique. You can even customize your proposal once you have downloaded it from SitePilot. Because the proposal generator can output to a number of formats, including Microsoft Word, you can further customize the final product or include it in a larger document.

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