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Jump start collaboration, streamline communications, and learn what secure really means with Firmseek's intranet solution. Create an internal portal with resources that will help your employees easily access critical information, enhance productivity, and track user-specific projects and deadlines.

Access the information you need 

Help your organization's employees spend less time tracking down information and more time using the information they need.  Firmseek takes the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your intranet needs specific to your diverse user groups before implementing an intranet structure and customized applications.  The bottom line:  we create intranet solutions that work for you. 

Personalize content based on user profiles

Build tools that make your workforce more productive by tracking CLE credits on a per-person basis, specific bar requirements by office or state, administrative deadlines for the HR and accounting departments, or other user-specific information.

Restrict sensitive information to specific user groups 

If you'd like to add sensitive information accessible only to select user groups on the intranet, that's not a problem.  We can create password-restricted sections within the intranet and allow granual rights access based on a user's log-in ID and password. 

Integrate content from your web site seamlessly

Reuse content from your site without duplicating any effort or create custom content for your intranet audience.  It's as easy as making a list and checking it twice. 

Streamline internal business development tracking while increasing productivity

With our optional add-on modules -- the experience database, publicity database, speakers bureau, and proposal repository --  your staff can stay on top of which attorney has the most experience in intellectual property law in Europe, who can give a speech on corporate restructuring at an upcoming national conference, and what is your current win/loss record for the year when pitching technology companies.  Our solutions help you save time, money and track your return on investment.  

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