Electronic Newsletters

Create and Distribute Powerful Electronic Newsletters

In the competitive legal industry, providing your clients and potential clients with timely and relevant information is critical. Electronic newsletters offer law firms a simple, yet powerful, way to get in front of potential clients and strengthen key relationships with existing clients, referral sources, alumni and the media. Firmseek can help your firm create an online newsletter system that incorporates flexible design features, seamless integration with your web site, and fast and simple newsletter delivery options.

Flexible, Award-Winning Design

Providing our clients with custom, award-winning design is important, but giving them the functionality to meet their changing newsletter needs is paramount. Our optional features include:

  • automated banner uploads
  • one-click color changes
  • custom photo integration and non-technical upload capability
  • newsletters that can be used interchangeably as industry or practice alerts, seminar invitations or general firm announcements

Seamless Web Site Integration

  • Incorporate content from your web site with a few simple clicks.
  • Newsletters you create and email can optionally be posted in newsletter format on your web site.

Intuitive Administrative Controls

  • Preview a newsletter immediately after you create it
  • Send your attorneys the link to a newsletter-in-progress to get their feedback.
  • Email a newsletter to your marketing team before sending out a blast email to all of your clients.

Select Your Delivery Method

  • Our List Pilot one-way listservs allow you to send your completed newsletters to one or one thousand recipients.
  • The Firmseek List Pilot offers automatic unsubscribe features and detailed bounced email logs.
  • If you're happy with your current system of managing email lists, you can opt to use your preferred delivery method instead.