Client Extranets

Collaborate with others using Firmseek WorkRooms

Firmseek WorkRooms are secure extranets that serve as a collaborative web-based platform for exchanging documents, sharing calendars and contact lists and archiving comments and discussion threads regarding projects.

With a Firmseek extranet, collaborating with people in other offices and organizations will be easier than ever:

  • Your documents will be stored in a powerful database with high-performance Internet connectivity and protected by powerful firewall technology, strict military-grade entry-control systems, uninterruptable power supply and backup generators.

  • You can share and access documents electronically, 24 hours a day. No floppy disks, paper or couriers required.

  • How many times have you emailed a document and the recipient later has trouble finding it among a growing pile of electronic mail? With a shared database, they'll be able to find documents easily using sophisticated search features.

  • Track changes to documents with the audit trail feature.

  • Share scheduling information and centralize contact lists.

  • Communicate and collaborate via discussion threads attached to documents.

  • Integrate your organization's branding elements.

Firmseek will provide personalized customer service to ensure that you are educated about your WorkRoom and comfortable using it. We design WorkRooms to be easy-to-use, so there's no complicated training needed for new employees or new clients.