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Solutions for political office-holders and political candidates

At Firmseek, we've designed a series of solutions for the political arena. Whether you hold office or are running for office, it's critical that your web site is an effective vehicle for communicating with voters, volunteers, the press, and the community at large.

A focus on voters

When you're investing in a web site, you want to make sure it attracts potential voters. How do you do that? Firmseek incorporates powerful database tools into your web site to communicate with voters and capture feedback that you can track and analyze. We design your site to communicate information voters care about regarding a candidate, policy positions, and the district. And if someone wants to make a donation, we give them the tools to do that through your site. Once a voter has visited your site, he or she can stay informed by signing up to receive regular email updates about the campaign. Finally, for voters who want to show their support, we make it possible for them to order campaign products, such as t-shirts, yard signs, and buttons online.

A focus on volunteers

Firmseek knows that when it comes to campaigns, success can turn on the strength of volunteers. Your web site can be a powerful tool for signing up and organizing volunteers. If you're not capturing relevant information from potential volunteers while they're visiting your site, you're missing a valuable recruiting opportunity.

We design your web site to facilitate volunteer recruitment and tracking. Our Volunteer Manager automates the volunteer sign-up process. It allows them to sign up online and automates responses to interested volunteers. The Volunteer Manager stores profiles in a database, where all information can be tracked and sorted according to relevant criteria. Do you need volunteers of a particular age, gender, or ethnicity for an event targeting a certain demographic group? With the Volunteer Manager, you can find the relevant people with a few clicks of a mouse.

A focus on the press

Are you fielding media inquiries on a regular basis? Or do you want to improve your campaign's media outreach? Your web site can help you manage inquiries and distribute information cost-effectively. We design the media section of your web site with an eye towards powerful, clear communication. When you post a press release on the site, it will automatically be sent to reporters and publications you want to target, saving you the time and hassle of manually getting the information in the right hands.

Your site can include a media section that provides press packets, press releases, and other relevant information. We also give you the option of including audio and/or video interviews. With these tools, you'll be four steps ahead of other candidates on the media relations front.

A focus on usability

To make your site the most effective campaign tool possible, it needs to be current. Basic updates to campaign information, news items, biographies, event listings, and press releases shouldn't add unnecessary cost or time.

To help minimize the cost of maintaining content, we offer the Firmseek Site Pilot, our web-based tool for performing updates of content quickly and easily. The Site Pilot is a software application that non-technology people can use to update relevant information on the site, saving time and money.

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